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Grind and Seal Melbourne Introduction

The term Grind and Seal is perhaps an unusual term in the concrete grinding and polishing industry and hence, can create some confusion and an unrealized expectation towards the actual process and methods used. Grind and Seal Melbourne different in many ways to a ‘mechanical polish (refer to the polished concrete finish section), in quality, durability, process, appearance, suitability, maintenance, and price.

Grind and Seal Melbourne Options

Grind and Seal is machine grinding processon a concrete floor that provides exposure and preparation forcertain types of floors sealers, in either acrylic, epoxy or polyurethane. This is done to ensure concrete floors can attain a matt, satin or gloss finish. Grind and Seal Melbourne can also offer a non-slip version which is widely used for outdoor areas that have concrete surfaces like pools, driveways, eating areas or outdoor showers, where slippingcan be an issue. It is typically used on older slabs that have a character that you want to retain and enhance, complete with cracks and other imperfections. Working with an existing slab, we are limited by the age and quality of your slab, how it was poured, what is already in the slab, the level and distribution of the stones in your slab. Quite often, it is only when we commence the job that the characteristics, and quality of the slab unfolds! We typically grind back 5mm for more exposure, less for a minimal exposure, however we will discuss this with you first as the price can vary the deeper we grind.

Quotes at Grind and Seal Melbourne

However, not every Grind and Seal is considered an equal process or equation, so if you are comparing quotes, it is important that you compare the process as follows

There can be many variations, for instance:

  • The number of passes of the grind
  • The quality of the sealant used
  • The number of coats applied and The experience of the installer/s
  • Grind and Seal Concrete Melbourne Floor

We can use a variety of sealers; acrylic, epoxy or polyurethane, and can create your desired finish in either gloss or matt.An older or more weathered slab, usually doesn’t have the necessary strength to polish and just requires a Grind and Seal Melbourne finish to complement its character. This finish can and does look awesome and has a real urban feel!

  • Grind and Seal Melbourne Procedure
  • Grind with 30 grit to required exposure
  • Grind with 60 grit to remove scratches
  • Grind with 120 grit to further remove scratches
  • Then requires a perfect cleaning process to remove dust and excess
  • After all this we then apply a minimum of two coats of sealer

Some concrete when ground requires grouting to fill up holes and imperfections in the surface. This can result in an overall better look, but is up to the client’s discretion.

Again, it is important to discuss your Grind and Seal Melbourne project and budget with our flooring specialist and also it may be wise do your research before deciding on the right finish for you. It is important when choosing this type of finish that you understand that we can only achieve what the slab allows us to! If you are happy to let the slab unfold as we work, then it can look outstanding and very satisfying.

Difference Grind and Seal and Machine Polished Concrete?

The grind and seal process is very similar to how wooden floor boards are polished finished. This involves grind/sand to a smooth finish and then paint with a sealer. Where a timber floor is sanded and then sealed, a concrete floor is ground smooth with specialist grinding machinery.Grin and sealed floors may require re-coating in five years or so and this is purely dictated by floor usage and on whether it is in a high traffic area for both commercial and people use.


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