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Floor Removal Melbourne – Nazcrete

Are you living in a timber floored house and you feel like it’s the right time for your floor renovations? Or you just bought a home, but you really don’t like the old rotten wooden or tiled floor? Nazcrete is your number one floor removal Melbourne business with the bestoptions for quick and methodical removal service

If you live in Melbourne and you are looking for professional floor removal services, then, look no further than Nazcere. We’ve got the solution for all your flooring needs from removal of timber, vinyl, tiles and more. Coupled with our conceret polish services we can remove most types of floor surfaces with ease and safety, which also includes total removal.

Something You Should Know About Floor Removal Melbourne

There are various forms of floor in most homes which are distinguished in terms of their width, thickness, laying patterns, underlays and the types of glue used. Each florrforms has its pros and cons, wait until it’s time for a renovation. The three common types of timber flooring are floating, direct stick and plank on play timber floors.

All Types of Floor Removal? Find Industry Experts In Melbourne

When the time comes for your home remodel and you want to remove your floor, you don’t have to hassle alone. It could be you are doing your office or business floor renovations and you want the job done in the shortest time possible. Count on us. We help you save time, energy and resources.

If you decide to do-it-yourself, you need to get proper instructions and guidelines from someone who has done it before. You need safety gear like work gloves, knee caps and safety glasses. The equipment used to remove timber floor vary depending on the type of flooring. For instance, if it is a wooden timber floor, you need a circular saw to cut the boards into smaller sections. Ensure that the blade is set to fit the thickness of your board so as not to harm the sub-floor.

A pry bar and a mallet can used for prying up that old wood. The next stage is to clean up the floor. You start by removing nails and staples used during installation. Curved vice grips and a nail claw are needed.

Consider using a large magnet to collect all the nails and staples as you glide across the floor then dispose them. Smaller pieces of wood along with the sawdust can be sucked up using a vacuum cleaner. You can repeat until you get the mess out of your floor.

Point To Ponder – Floor Removal Melbourne

Timber floor removal is an exercise that needs to be handled carefully. Some people manage to do it by themselves. The process involves working for hours and be ready to deal with dust. Most importantly, mind about the floor slab since you need it for the next relay. Damage caused to the slab due to poor timber removal might require some dollars to bring the floor back to shape.

There are companies and individuals who buy used flooring timber. Proper timber floor removal can earn you some dollars since you can dispose your used timber at a price.

Save Time And Energy – Floor Removal Melbourne

To avoid all the mess, save time and energy, contact our highly skilled floor removal professionals and get a solution to all your flooring requirements.

Guaranteed Safety For Your Home – Floor Removal Melbourne

Find our trusted team of experts who can work on your home or office in your absence due to your tight job schedule. They ensure privacy and safety to your home and no need for job supervision. Our rates are highly affordable.


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