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Nazcrete – Concrete Spraying Services?

Are you a homeowner, builder or a designer who may looking for the high quality concrete services or concrete spraying trends in building, design or planning? Are you interested in a modern, unique and highly durable concrete solution that will add value to your next project of home? If you are saying yes, look no further than Nazcrete. Polished concrete floors at Melbourne and nearby suburbs is one of our specialty services that we offer.

What Is Concrete Spraying?

Concrete spraying is the building technology which involves applying self -supportive concrete on a surface without the necessity for or other custom work. You can opt to use either a (dry mix) or shotcrete(wet mix) on most concrete surfaces. For the dry concrete, we use water to dehydrate the dry ingredients and mix the contents accordingly to ensure a high quality finish. Then, we also use velocity to apply the concrete into the substrate, dry and mix as recommended or required, for repair applications. Shotcrete can be sprayed on any type of shape or surface. It’s ideal for vertical or overhead surfaces. Compressed air is applied to the nozzle to discharge the wet mixture to the receiving surface A skilled nozzle-man is required for concrete spraying. Shotcrete machines are available to make the whole process easy and quick. The machinery we use meets the professional requirements of delivering a constant flow of concrete to guarantee standardised spray application and a pure finish.

Applications of Content Spraying Services

Nazcrete can apply concrete spraying servicesto inground swimming pool installation to make them more durable and long lasting. This is because shotcrete allows you to customize your swimming pool into your preferred shape, depth and style. This also gives room for more finishes unlike the traditional concrete. For instance, you can do glass beading, tile or quartz finishes.

Reasons Why You Should Use Sprayed Concrete Services

As indicated above, sprayed concrete is customisable and very durable. Unlike the traditional concrete, you can customise your surface into your preferred size, shape and style to which concrete spraying services also provides you with many more finishing options.

You save more on time and energy due to the reduced formwork. Compared to the traditional concrete, with sprayed concrete, you only pump the wet form into the spraying nozzle, apply compressed air into the nozzle, then use accelerators to apply concrete in the surface.

Sprayed concrete services is stronger, durable and low permeable while compared to the traditional concrete. This gives you value for your money, since there is no need for frequent repair, maintenance or replacement.

Concrete spraying services also guarantees you high early strength gain and low water cement ratio. They are more economical and cost effective compared to the traditional concrete.

Sprayed concrete offers good adhesion and bonding strengths you need suitable for the the nature of the surface you are applying this concrete.

The ability to deliver material over 200 metres to the point of application makes spraying concrete the best solution for majority of overhead situations that could have been really stressful using traditional concrete.

Sprayed concrete is a proven guarantee that can serve you for over 100 years. This means you get great value for your money and the value for your building never depreciates.

Need Professional Concrete Spraying Services Contractors?

Nazcrete Concrete Polishing Company is your expert partner for all your concrete spraying solutions and more. Call us now for more ideas and inspirations for your current and future projects.


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