If your concrete floor has seen better days or you’re looking to transform your concrete into a stunning, durable surface, Nazcrete’s concrete grinding and polishing service is for you. As concrete flooring experts, we consider your needs to provide you with a hard-wearing concrete floor that will look great for years to come. We work to your schedule to ensure you get the floor you need as soon as possible. With the skills and technology to take on residential and commercial floors, we’re one of Melbourne’s leading concrete specialists. We provide a top-quality concrete grinding and polishing service that will have your floors looking stylish and unique, adding value to your property. We can bring your dull concrete floors back to life, ensuring they are low-maintenance thereafter and last a lifetime! Call us today on 0413948228 or fill out an enquiry form for a free quote and consultation.


Our Concrete Grinding and Polishing Process

Our team of concrete grinding and polishing experts will provide you with exceptional customer service from start to finish!

  • Our experts assess your flooring needs with a quick inspection and give you a free quote for the work. We can handle any concrete floors, and even remove carpet, wood, tiles and more to grind and polish the concrete underneath.
  • We schedule a time that works for you and get to work, removing any existing flooring, grinding, and then finally, polishing. Using diamond bladed grinders we’re able to achieve near-perfect results, completely smooth and flat.
  • Lastly, we carry out a series of final checks, making sure your floors are up to our high standards and ready to stand up to daily use, whether that’s for business or the rush of modern living.

Why Get Concrete Grinding and Polishing At Your Property?

Shiny, Smooth and Matte Finishes Available
Quick and Easy to Clean
Maintenance Free and Easy to Restore

Stain Proof, No Sealing Required

Our Concrete Grinding and Polishing Services

  • Concrete Grinding Melbourne
    Our team grind back your concrete and remove the surface layer, smoothing out the floor and getting rid of any stains, small cracks and other imperfections. This prepares the concrete for further work.
  • Concrete Polishing Melbourne
    After grinding, we can polish your floors to a shine. This process uses no wax or coating; instead, we use high-tech polishing equipment to create a smooth finish that’s an either matte or shiny finish depending on your style!

Your Satisfaction Comes First

Whether you’re getting concrete grinding, polishing or both, we strive to provide an outstanding service from start to finish. Our friendly concrete experts are always ready to help, providing information and advice to ensure you understand our services. Through this, we also better understand your needs and can deliver results that will exceed your expectations. We aim for 100% satisfaction on all jobs. If you’re not completely satisfied with the results, we’ll continue working until you are. That’s our professional guarantee to you. And to give you complete peace of mind, all our work is fully insured.

Your Local Concrete Grinding and Polishing Experts

If you’re thinking about getting concrete grinding and polishing, talk to the experts at Nazcrete today. With years of experience behind us and the skills to match, we can answer any questions you have and deliver great results every single time. Discuss your needs with our team today and get a free quote for your home or business’ concrete floors. Call now on 0413948228 or enquire here.

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